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Earlier this year, I was given the task of designing the logo and identity graphic for the 2015 Dafabet World Cup of Pool, by Matchroom Sports.


The brief was to create something modern, fresh and simple that combined the Dafabet branding with a ‘feel’ for the event. Previous logo’s for the event (above) had, in the clients’ words, been ‘very dated and old’, so I wanted to completely break the mould with something much more dynamic and powerful.


The thinking behind the initial concepts (above) was hard hitting, in-your-face, 3D text, incorporating the 9-ball. I came up with two ideas for this. The first used the 3D ‘World Cup of Pool’ text conforming to the shape of the 9-ball behind it. The idea was to give the impression of the text orbiting the ball as if it were a planet.

For the second concept, I wanted to create something that gave off a ‘feel’ for the event it’s self.  I used the 3D ‘World Cup Of Pool’ type standing on the pool table, utilising the 9-ball as one of the ‘O’s’. This was set in a theatre or arena-style environment, with dramatic lighting, smoke and dust particles to communicate the atmosphere and ‘ambiance’ of the event.

In the end, the final design finished up being much more simple and clean-cut. It ended up more structured around the Dafabet branding and cleverly used the ‘D’ emblem as a means of nicely incorporating the 9-ball.

Though the final design was completely stripped back to the bare bones, it did the job perfectly. Clear, clean, striking and in line with the branding of the sponsor. Of course, it was still great to experiment with the initial ideas and see what could be done – the project was an absolute pleasure to work on!

Dafabet World Cup of Pool logo unstacked